Finally! I’ve got to reach one of the best articles on how to write a perfect manifesto for your business, and more specifically, How to write a manifesto for social entrepreneurs, and that’s of course what resonates with the research I wanted, as I was trying to teach my self-more of that in order to write a “proper” manifesto, list of values and ethics, or even on how do I want to represent our social and environmental responsibility to the world!
The article titled manifesto-recipe-for-social-entrepreneurs sounded pretty interesting for me starting from the title that as you can see has targeted my need very specifically at that time, and continued to interest me as I start to read through that sense of humor dealing with the acquired results as a real recipe, where there is ingredients, a chef, and cooking time. The best metaphoric though was on how at a certain stage you need to leave your writings to rest at room temperature; so you may continue later with a more relaxed brain.

As what is always the case, you got to start paying attention or even looking around to check more things from that same web site/ blog, or moreover, and if you are like me, and you do care about what kind of a person or organization are you letting to feed your thoughts. I started to feel my vibration getting higher, and I smiled as soon as I noticed that the site itself has the name Creator for good, I scrolled to the end of the post to figure out who wrote that… Well now, I know that this might not be the best ever written piece on such a subject, but trust me there is a kind of enjoyment when you find someone, group, business that is aligned with your values and kind of dealing with the world from a perspective that is similar to yours. 

That’s what makes working for good in general, not such a negative competition over anything no matter what! That’s where all businesses are growing and sharing for good only in aim for them all to grow some more, so they can all share more good and abundance to the universe!

Now, back to the subject, after I mingled around almost every single page of that website, I took the decision to contact the publisher, and especially that she did right letting it very clear that she is up and would love contacting like-minded global citizens.

So, with that said, I can’t thank Solène enough for taking the time and actually Skype with me for more than 1 full hour, in what she and her team called it a discovery session, aiming to get her insights on our experience so far, and hopefully finding any kind of collaboration with her and her business any day soon.

Solène is one of those people who could get the discussion running for more than one full hour, between the very conscious listing, feedback, and recommendations on some readings and interesting people to contact in certain issues. I felled really grateful to the flow that keeps attracting lovable souls like Solène into my life, who comes with messages that are more important to you than they would imagine.

Despite the insights that Solène talked to me about, which I would prefer to work upon instead of talking about, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is after pursuing positive difference in their life’s as she developed a methodology that allows Global Citizens to start and grow their own impactful businesses from anywhere in the world – and with no need for investors or government support.

Under the mythology that is eco-conscious, authentic, cooperative, and alternative Solène offers her services in one of three main programs, from finding your purpose to blooming with your idea (where you got to evaluate the idea, launch your business and getting your first income + impact), to Up leveling all of that.
The world needs alternative entrepreneurs, and alternative entrepreneurs need alternative methodologies! Solène thinks, and I can’t agree anymore. In case you feel or think the same, then I’d like to encourage you to take a look at her programs offerings, and I promise you that she is the most trustworthy to tell you if you may benefit from any of her paid services or not! How do I know that? Simply, because I’ve experienced her telling me at the end of that mentioned call that’s it’s not in my perfect interest to take any of her programs, instead, she hanged up with a huge smile and followed up with a couple of emails as promised. 

All the love and respect Solène.