You are not alone!

For a very long time, family, friends and surrounding people make me start to think that there is something wrong with me for “not being settled for one thing to do”.
I can easily recall tons of shocked reactions from people, including close family members, when saying that NO, I am not interested in following up in certain job or task, saying that last time we talked about it I seemed so interested!
But to me, it’s like saying to a baby who is wondering around trying to learn about the world surrounding them, that we are suspecting them to grow and become a producer or a trader of some good, only because they spent some time discovering it!
With that being said, can you imagine how confusing is it to answer what supposed to be probably the very 1st casual question of (So, what do you do for living?)
When I first got introduced to what is “multi passionate” as a term, and that was through an old TED talk, I felt kind of a relief knowing that more and more people seemed to mix and match on more than one fields of interest, opening up new gates to new knowledge to emerges in our markets, and therefore in our day to day lives.
Imagining each field of interest as a circle, the talk suggested that the intersection between two circles is where the magic happens. Think of how business management when intersected with information technology can become Management Information Technology (MIS), and notice how managers of all levels are getting way better results especially when they know how, when, and where to automate, and most importantly how to collect and use their data. Think of Architecture when intersect with
sociology, and how societies are actually being the cause and the effect of our urban planning and design.

Keep calm, Be yourself, and feel the fulfillment:

more about 16 personalities to come..

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