Since we started BambooNomads, we were and still aiming and dreaming so big that at some point we will be able and organized enough to function in huge ideas that might involve real estate as working places, crypto-currencies, and might be more, who knows, the sky is our limit.
Although with that being said, being such an individual who is trying to prove that concept that we do design the life we want to live, I should be able to start somewhere that is relatively considered as baby steps.
Starting from literally zero cash, functioning from an after war country that is Syria. I found myself designing the whole starting phase around small business ideas that can be done by one person, and most importantly that is as disconnected as it can be from the Syrian economical situation.

So, if you have any kind of blocks or struggles that are keeping you from starting your own brand and business, wiether it is your financial abilities or your obligiations in life, bare with me, as this article is all about you starting up your very uniqe business from scratch, hopfully scale it up untill it helps you getting rid of those struggles for good.
Tons of articles on the internet today are written around what is called Passive income models that can be done mostly over the internet itself. In this article, you will going to learn briefly on what is it passive income, a bit on what is Print on demand (POD), why we choose POD specifically, and most importantly why we choose TeePublic as a service provider in our example.

What does Passive Income model means?

Well, long story short… we raised up knowing that working in any kind of a job has been always an aspect of trading your time for money, especially when we are not in any position to invest any past savings.
Passive income at least in an online sense means that you can actually invest in the work you do. You put the time and effort to create something that will keep selling and generating money for you even when you are away (Passive).

From publishing your online book to having your own shop online, tons of examples might came to your mind already, but let’s get to it. what is POD? and why it might be a perfect fit for you?

What is Print On Demand?

I think of Print On Demand in fact as a genius combination of more than one passive income model, or a natural result of improvement for how we do business online in general of we might say.
From a manufacturer or a service provider point of view, it’s when they offer to accept to print your provided content (written texts or visuals) and ship it directly to a third party (your customer) who hopefully buy it and pay for it.
The great deal here, thanks to today’s combination of technologies that made it possible to all of us to outsource almost anything, having it shipped to end customers in no time in our behalfs (dropshipping), and yet split commissions with all parties involved.
The best part is that POD in that sense had helped a lot in reducing stacked inventories, which is super cool on you and the risk you are taking in your business, and on an environmental level, where we are only producing what has been sold already! Can you imagine how much paper waste is this preventing?

Start making money today

What makes POD so special in comparison to other passive income models?

Take books aside from the equation for now, as we are here focused only on Tee shirts and other apparels, Mugs, Laptop & Phone cases, Tote bags and pretty much anything that is able to be printed on, and that is the main key advantage in here.
Let’s take a normal drop shipping shop into comparison to POD; the module that seems to be the easiest, where all you need to do actually is to pick up collection of products from a huge network of sellers who are interested to ship orders directly to your customer on your behalf, as soon as they order on your website. Here where finding the perfect provider for each product in terms of both quality and price is key, and where very little are the things that can make your shop stands out in the market.
POD, on the other hand, is the ultimate solution when it comes to having your creativity stands tall. The product you are about to offer is almost all about the artwork that is printed on it (your unique design).
We are not saying that the service provider is not important, that’s for sure, in fact, we are putting together a separate article on why we choose Teepublic to offer our designs.

But first, we would like to mention that making a shop for our own printable products holding our own designs was a golden opportunity for us, in kind of a special way. As that helped BambooNomads to raise awareness to buyers in the first place, and to the whole society around anyone who buy, wear, or hold around one of our products, with our meaningful and inspiring artworks, not to mention the fact that this was our very first model of income so we can keep moving with our bigger goals for the main project.