Being one of the most important nature’s substitute for the endangered rainforest hardwoods, Bamboo is a versatile, non-timber forest product whose rate of biomass generation is unsurpassed by any other plants.

Bamboo is very well-known for it’s agility, flexibility, and for the effective  role it plays in erosion control due to its widespread root system. Creating a greater yields of benifits and use, It is utilized extensively for a wide range of purposes.

Just like a Bamboo stick, in order to grow green and tall, offering subsistence, shelter and every-day utilities, our projects along with every connection we build requires only that little loving attention during its growing/production cycle and can occupy the same ecological niche as that of trees. It is well suited for agroforestry and healthy, ethical, and eco-friendly ecosystems. It requires only a modest capital investment to generate a steady income.

Refelcting such awsome charaststics, to the network of nomads that we are looking after along with our set of ideas and projects, we consider ourselves as a social club of individulas who are fully aware and conscious of the real universal abundance possiablities when collaborating on smarter, more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly linked projects.

We make it our mission to offer a life changing opportionity start doing what you love and meant to be doing while leaving a great impact through limitless collaborative projects that add value to local and international communities, while helping you get to your real deserved emotional and financial abundance

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