Infinite Possibilities Grown With LOVE!

BambooNomads is not just a social club.
It’s a movement of people willing to change their world, and the world of others for good.

Who we are

We are a connected community of nomads from all around the planet to build great businesses helping great causes, while making social, economical, and environmental sustainability our core responsibilities.

Why we are

We believe in a world were all people are equal, and have equal opportunities, living their lives to the fullest, in a perfect natural habitat, where they can GROW in every aspect, 
Only then we become a real added value to the life that we share!

Where you are

Are you seeking a life changing opportunity?
We invite you to join our community and learn how to start doing what you love and meant to be doing while leaving a great impact.

How we do it

Infinite opportunities for limitless collaborative projects that add value to local and international communities, while helping you get to your real deserved emotional and financial abundance. 


Cut through the noise and turn your brilliant ambitions into clear, focused action.

We care about your innovative ideas, especially those whom that might succeed to achieve multiple goals of real impact. BambooNomads will be happy to provide insights discovery tools, resources, trust and traction for entrepreneurs and professionals pursuing Eco-friendly sustainable financial and social impact.

From seed capital, purpose-driven mentoring, to shared resources and office spaces BambooNomads is showing how venture philanthropist connections can edify entrepreneurs to do epic social and environmental impact saving the world, while enjoy doing business!

Ideas can vary from building up your online brand on helping people discover their purpose the right way, to bigger, eager, and more ambitious kind of projects.

Our Originals Shop:

The greatest good
you’re ever gonna get!

We combined the best available practices of eco-friendly, and socially responsible business, to get you to help us spread the positive vibes while raising funds for the upcoming journey 😀

Check out our Evergreen showcase of designs that help us grow..

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You might have time and I might have land. You might have ideas and I might have strength. You might have an orange and I might have a knife.

The best innovations come from a diverse and purpose-seeking community who also have strong skill sets. From investors, mentors and business professionals to artists, designers and technicians, we aim to aggregate a creative network around businesses to maximize impact.

Whether you are just an ambitious individual who is taking a turning point in life, realizing your need to give a new horizon to your career, or a real nomad who is finding it hard to commit to a sustainable business development model due to your mobile lifestyle,
You are most welcome as soon as you are committed to conscious sustainable development mindset and want to contribute to making our world a better place.

Do what you love, not what others do.

We are living in a world of presumption towards any step we are willing to take.. In BambooNomads your journey starts from studying and really understanding your type of personality and what might makes you happy the most!


Check out our blog and get introduced to the best understanding of online passive income along with best strategies and practices of other successful business with great social and/or environmental impact